Krištáľové šperky Swarovski

Swarovski kryštály

Swarovski je malý kúsok kryštálu tvorený sklenenými práškmi spoločne roztavenými s oxidom kremíka, narezaný na hladký a tvrdý s krivkami s vysokou technológiou.




Swarovski kryštály

Swarovski is a small piece of crystal formed by glass and silicon oxide powders melted together, cut in smooth and hard curves with high technology. The crystals are usually enhanced by a coat covering their surface, which gives them a simulated luster of a diamond. Besides its novel brilliance, pure consistency, and flawless quality, what distinguishes it from the others is that its cut gives it a shiny semblance close to diamond when it is subject to light. They are man-made gems by the precision-cut of beautiful, high quality lead glass crystals containing of quartz, sand, and minerals. Swarovski crystals are the products of a very specialized manufacturing process which enables them to have a spectral brilliance. Crafted to be perfect according to its quality, color, size and shape, Swarovski has a distinguishable feature of capturing the materials it is combined and adding a new dimension of brilliance upon it.

Glamira gives place to dark blue, green, red and opaque forms in its swarovski jewelry of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and any other designs. You can combine any colour of Swarovski with other precious and semi-precious gemstones, then set it into a gold or silver shank and create a swarovski ring. Moreover, you can enjoy changing the details of a bracelet as you wish and the upshot will be one-of-a-kind swarovski bracelet for yourself or someone special. You can reveal the precious colour and beauty of the crystals on your customized swarovski earrings. With the option of personalization, in a nutshell, Glamira will tease your creative appetites!