Šperky zo žltého zafíru

Žltý Safír

Klasifikovaný ako polodrahokam, Žltý Safír je druh Safíru, ktorý je členom rodiny korundov ako rubín. Malé časti železa v jeho chemickej štruktúre mu dávajú jeho nádherné žlté zafarbenie.


Žltý Safír

Classified as semi-precious stone, Žltý Safír is a kind of Sapphire which is the member of Corundum family like Ruby. The little traces of iron in its chemical structure gives it the beautiful hue of yellow. An admirable yellow sapphire should be transparent with a surface that sparkles and flatter a colour of sunset. What distinguishes it from other sapphires is that yellow sapphire of high quality does not have any visible inclusions while sapphires can have several interior inclusions. Yellow sapphire is primarily mined in Serendip, the island of Sri Lanka. That gem-rich island is the first place where yellow sapphire was found. The people chanced upon it in the fields after a rain washed the stones down and bring out. The word serendipity is derived from that event. Other mines of yellow sapphire are in Madagascar, Tanzania, India and Australia. The largest yellow sapphire mined till today weighs nearly 2020 carats and is called as the Tomahawk Tiger.

The ancients called yellow sapphire ‘hyacinth’ and it was also known as as padparadscha in Sinhalese and Sanskrit. The stone has a special place in Indian and Vedic astrology and is named as Pukhraj meaning yellow stone. It was believed to divert light and peace and wisdom on its wearer. According to Hindu beliefs, it is the stone of planet Jupiter, which is called as the Deva Guru and believed as the teacher of Gods. That’s why Žltý Safír is usually believed to actuate a person towards happiness, wisdom and fulfillment. It is also associated with life, fertility and marriage.

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